Hello Artistic world!


I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts, my views of the world and my perspective of what constitutes creativity and the things i enjoy.

I’m a Potter, i can be crazily creative with clay pots, molded in any form. I love Music but love talented singers more and Musicians, hence i pursued studies in Management and Marketing of the Music Industry to find understanding how the music business operates and why some very talented individuals don’t make it big.

Art and Music are the white cells in my blood and Politics are the veins, my existence is depended on the pipeline running clean and smooth.

This blog is about the three together at any one time, or separated.

Music, Pottery, Photography And Politics

Combine all of that with the love of writing, storytelling and Broadcasting, then you get a fully completed being, that is called by two other people “Dad” yes i still ask myself everyday, with so many aspects to my life. what is it that i actually want?

Former Community radio news consultant, presenter and former Television Prime time news producer and 24 hr news channel Executive Producer and an Artist manager.

That’s me peeps

Halla Blakk Ya’ll!


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