Social media racists: government clamps down.

Facebook and Twitter users could be fired for posting racist comments

Government has issued a stern warning to people that post racist updates on Twitter and Facebook. This comes after racial rants by the likes of Penny Sparrow, Phillip Roodt who both called beachgoers cockroaches & monkeys respectively, Vicky Momberg called black police Kaffir & arrogant, useless and colonial denial Western Cape premier Helen Zille.

Final Racism

File image Malaysia Chronicle/cc

Government says it incites social tensions and it undermines nation building.

Employers assist

Acting Government Communication Information Systems (GCIS) Director General, Donald Liphoko, said; “It is unfortunate that such comments follow hot on the heels of the country commemorating Human Rights Day. Government will actively pursue offenders through all available mechanisms including confronting employers and will not allow incidents of racism to define us”.

The state says they’ll do everything possible to rid the country of this ill. “What we do in defense of our country today will define who we are as a country in the future.” Liphoko continued.

Speaking at the Human rights commemoration in King Williamn’s Town President Jacob Zuma said

“the ideology of racism remains firmly entrenched among some in our population, and it represents one of the most despicable human rights violations.”

Victim’s recourse

In cases similar to that of Sodwana Bay guest house who told black prospective customers that he doesn’t accommodate them and that of former Miss South Africa Bokang Montjane-Shabalala Or Rethabile Mlotshwa who was shoved into a coffin by Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jackson, government says victims can seek recourse by opening a case at police stations, or at South African Human Rights Commission and Equality Courts.

The Department of Justice is finalising the prevention and combating of hate crimes and hate speech Bill which will criminalize racism.


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  1. I honestly feel like this stern warning by the government is WEAK, I mean what is gonna stop them from being racists? Racism has no place and there is nothing better that can be done to stop people from being racist.

    My 2cent!


  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to the piece.
    I guess it is a way of saying just don’t do it. it’s like thieves, nothing is stopping from stealing except doing jail time. so perhaps this will deter the racist from doing posting their racist thoughts on social media.


  3. I hear you but going to jail is a common thing nowadays. Anyway I hope this will change those that are racists on social media or anywhere else, coz in nowadays even when you confront or call out a person about them being racists, they do not change nor acknowledge when being corrected. They are not embarrassed bout their actions, whats worse is that they do NOT learn not to do it again. They do it in other platforms, be it directly or indirect.


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