Body of work, foodie, poet, a writer of note

Brent Meersman a journalist with creative flare for reviews. He has reported on numerous beats of journalism, from being part of Mail & Guardian, as well as a political novelist. The poet in him makes his play with words to set him above most food and performing arts critics. The writer is well regarded for his opinion; his reviews leave a pleasant taste on ones palate. Continue reading

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Roeland Street’s creative spirit lives on.


Roeland Street starts in front of the national assembly.

At the traffic lights of Plein, Roeland and St John’s Road, is the most unavoidable in your face statue of Louis Botha, titled Farmer, Warrior and Statesman. In the era of Must Fallism I’m amazed that the former Prime Minister still stands, but as the #RhodesMustFall eras began, the man on the horse was defaced, but the period was an embarrassing quick climax.


Roeland street, with Parliament at the far end and City Varsity on the left.

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Open Journalism gives 5th estate more power to be heard

The media industry has changed dramatically in the last decade, moving from the monologue type to enabling a two-way stream with the audience, where the public has limited opportunity to interact with publications regarding content and angles of stories. Unlike in the traditional print media, where the public could only respond to articles in the form of letters and editors could print them or not, filtering. Continue reading

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Journalist using data to keep the public uninformed.

Using Data for Journalism

“There is no such thing as a data journalist”. That’s according to Africa check’s Adi Eyal and Raymond Joseph.

When I read that, I was like okay what have they been smoking? It’s the 21st century era of social media, a time where numbers embarrass heads of states, a period where statistics are a daily meal; crime stats to unemployment, financial reports, sport analysis and JSE mergers and acquisitions with information that average human mind can’t comprehend and grasp. Continue reading

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Media houses killing Journalism in pursuit of profits.

vince2The African National Congress has taken a very bold step towards keeping the country’s infant democracy intact and vibrant, by ensuring freedom of expression and the right of free speech is not stifled by the fear of criminal defamation. This is a major victory for press freedom but did you hear anyone shouting from the rooftops for the entire world to hear. Continue reading

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I have this amazing love for Photography…


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Hello Artistic world!


I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts, my views of the world and my perspective of what constitutes creativity and the things i enjoy.

I’m a Potter, i can be crazily creative with clay pots, molded in any form. I love Music but love talented singers more and Musicians, hence i pursued studies in Management and Marketing of the Music Industry to find understanding how the music business operates and why some very talented individuals don’t make it big.

Art and Music are the white cells in my blood and Politics are the veins, my existence is depended on the pipeline running clean and smooth.

This blog is about the three together at any one time, or separated.

Music, Pottery, Photography And Politics

Combine all of that with the love of writing, storytelling and Broadcasting, then you get a fully completed being, that is called by two other people “Dad” yes i still ask myself everyday, with so many aspects to my life. what is it that i actually want?

Former Community radio news consultant, presenter and former Television Prime time news producer and 24 hr news channel Executive Producer and an Artist manager.

That’s me peeps

Halla Blakk Ya’ll!

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